Spare Time - The Cinema

Main themes: Friendship, time, social gathering, food culture

By Emma and Meggie (Bjerringbro High school)


Spare time is something we all need but not always something we have time for. There are many different ways you could spend your spare time, but most important is to do something you enjoy doing. What I enjoy to do in my spare time, mostly in the weekends, is to see a movie in the cinema. Not only the part where you watch the movie excites me, but the fact that you do something else than on a normal day, and that you can bring a friend, maybe a boyfriend or a family member, just someone you enjoy being with. But why do people go to the cinema, why don’t they just stay home and watch a DVD with the whole family? In answering these questions we have explored what it is that makes the cinema a place where people spend their spare time.


Going to the movies

Coming from Bjerringbro, we like to go the bigger town of Viborg, to the cinema called Fotorama, because then we are not in familiar surroundings, and that makes it all the more exiting. First we have to find transportation. We usually travel by train on our own. The feeling of going to the movies with another person is like some kind of adventure. You feel kind of grown up, you control everything, and your only aim is to have fun and enjoy the ride. In order to understand what the cinema meant to other people, we focused for this project on other visitors and their relationship to the atmosphere in the cinema.


The experience of the cinema atmosphere

The atmosphere in the cinema is comforting, it’s a place filled with candles, warmth and cosy couches. The smell of popcorn makes you drool and the fact that you can buy all the candy you want just makes it even better. We think most people go to the cinema once in a while, but does anybody actually notice what it is that you do when you go to the cinema? It seems that there is some kind of rhythm in the way you behave, when you visit a cinema. First you go to the booking office, and then you go to the candy shop to buy popcorn and soda. Then you go to the waiting room and wait for the film to start. You wait for the doors to the room of the cinema itself to open, and you can only enter when a speaker tells you to.


Why go to the cinema?

Some people just do it for the movie experience: the big screen where all the details come alive and you don’t even have to wear glasses! The surround sound effects combined with 3D is something you do not want to miss. The seats in the cinema are definitely something to mention, you cannot sit better than you do in a cinema seat, and as a little bonus the seat actually has a cup holder for your drink. This emphasizes how comfortable an experience a visit to the cinema is supposed to be.


People in the cinema

The people we met in the cinema were very positive, looking forward to see the movie, and they had all bought lots of candy and popcorn so that they could really enjoy themselves. We asked some of the people we met in the cinema about why they go to the cinema and whether they liked it, and we got many different answers to that. A couple at the age of 25 answered: “We planned to see a movie in the cinema because we wanted to do something romantic and fun together and of course to have a nice evening”. Another person said: “I’m here to get a great movie experience, and because one of my friends recommended this movie I am about to watch”. More people responded positively to our questions and we got an overall feeling that people thought going to the cinema was something wonderful and relaxing. People went to the cinema so that they could do something different than usual, for example so that they could get some time of their children and the long, boring weekdays.

In the cinema you can relax and enjoy a special, rare spare time with someone you enjoy being with - and you can go and have a great movie experience. Overall the cinema is a place always ready to welcome all who have taken the time to get out the door, and use some of their special spare time. As such it is a place designed to accommodate what seems like a need for relaxation and individual pleasure.